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  1. Katie Williams says:

    What stood out was that they are fast ! Like they were halfway done and they started with me at 11:00 ! I got out at 3:45 somewhere around there ! I love the prices they don’t overcharge definitely be coming again!????????????????????????

  2. Kayla B. says:

    Thanks Matty for everything..Very nice person&funny. I love my sengalese twist&I’ve been getting alot of compliments..def will be back.

  3. Marlenna Crowe says:

    I’ve received so many compliments on my braids! You and your help made sure that you took in consideration the type of hair that I have, you were patient with my long hair! Matty is very laid back, friendly and professional. She made sure that I was comfortable along the way.

  4. Chykela R says:

    “Matty does great work! She let’s you know what’s good & what’s not so good! She’s fast, and her work speaks for itself!! I’ll definitely be coming back!!!”

  5. Cherron Harper says:

    Matty just completed some crochet braids for me and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! She did an excellent job (I just left and I have already received compliments)! I will definitely go back to her again.

  6. Doris Talbert says:

    I love Matty! Definitely book your next appointment here! She was professional and she knows what she’s doing! I’ve received so many compliments on my hair! Just scheduled my touch-up! Can’t wait to get refreshed! Thanks Matty!

  7. Quanisha Miller says:

    I love Matty! She got me out of there in 4 hours , and she’s always so professional! Even though it’s a 30 minute drive from my house it’s was so worth it . Everybody should check her out ! Thanks

  8. Michelle R says:

    Matty & her team of braiders are the absolute best! Having really short hair I was nervous about tight pulling around my edges but they were so gentle! 3 braids at one time I was finished in under 4 hours! And best of all I was able to go to sleep without pain lol! I love my hair! I will be back!

  9. Nedra says:

    I enjoyed my visit. What stood out to me is Matty’s professionalism and integrity. Oh, I did love my hair. There was a client who didn’t get the “star quality” braids while I was there; and she didn’t express her displeasure. Matty, wasn’t happy as well, eventhough she did not work on her hair. Matty said she was going to lose sleep if she didn’t correct that client’s hair. She found her number and immediately called her in to correct the job; that a new employee did. I admire a business of integrity especially in these last days!!

  10. LaShawnda Boykin says:

    Matty and her braiders are fantastic. I love my twists. I was in and out in 5 hours. They were fast and gentle. First time I have ever had my hair done and not had a headache after. I have been getting nothing but complements and have given several folks Matty’s information. I am so glad I found them and I will be a repeat customer. Thank you so much and I will be back!

  11. Tiara Farr says:

    Porsche, Folly and Angie worked on my waist length small/medium box braids and I am absolutely in LOVE with them!! I have long thick natural hair. They did not upcharge once they saw my hair nor did they complain!!! I was in and out in less than five hours. I drove from Denton and will do it again!! They are Awesome and Matty was very nice and professional definitely made me feel comfortable. Glad I finally found a permanent braiding salon!! You guys ROCK!!

  12. Natetisha M. says:

    I COULDN’T BE MORE HAPPIER! I’m so happy I found Star Quality Braids! I was in dire need of getting my hair braided as I had made an appointment with another stylist at a different salon and never heard back from her. I came to Star Quality’s website and was able to get right in. I texted the number provided to confirm my appointment and they quickly responded and reassured me they will have me taken care of as fast as possible as I was getting box braids waist length. I had 3 woman working on me and they finished in 3 hours. I WAS AMAZED! Not to mention I’m in love with my hair. Thank you all so much you’ve gained a loyal client!

  13. Shatoya Beaner says:

    Fast and convenient. Reasonable priced. I took my daughter today they started at 10:45 and she was calling me to pick her up at 1:36 pm. Great service. Her braids are beautiful. Would recommend in a heartbeat.

  14. Leslie Lewis says:

    I have gone to Matty for a few years. I love the consistency and neatness of my braids.
    I never have an issue with losing my edges. Today Elise did my box braids and I am amazed how super lite they are. She took her time to make sure the braids were exactly how I wanted them. Great job to Matty and her team!

  15. Anitra says:

    My first time going here and I love them . They gave me the exact size that I ask for with box braids and I was not there all day, my appointment was at 9 I was out of there by 11:30 , they are so neat and pretty. Wonderful service!

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